Make your digital world more secure.

ScamBLOX Plus is a multi-layered security browser extension protecting your valuable data and information against digital fraud and phishing emails.

ScamBLOX© Plus

ScamBLOX© Plus – Our ultimate solution in browser security enables advanced features which provide for safer and more secure web browsing. Our software uses a real time multi-layered, targeted protection approach, aka Defense in Depth, which enhances browser security using improved proactive identification of cybercriminals and dangerous websites.

How we protect you

Security from Dangerous Websites…

Protect yourself by connecting your browsing experience to a fraud alert system.

Protection by authenticating

Logging in to the extension identifies you as the individual using ScamBLOX Plus© and its resources to reduce your risk of digital frauds and scams occurring from activities executed within a specific browser. 

Additional Support via Community Engagement

Obtain additional support for online frauds and scams by Accessing our cross-platform community forums.

Enhanced Email Security

Provides for a fully automated self-contained platform for phishing intelligence.

Socializing Greater Safety

Our databases are continuously updated with newly identified threats, including reported scammer profiles and phishing posts. 


ScamBLOX© Services

ScamBLOX© Basic is our FREE browser extension that provides basic protection. 

Upgrading to ScamBLOX© Plus provides you with all the basic features plus  more advanced protection to help maximize your digital safety.

BUY ScamBLOX© Plus now for no more than $5.99/month! Check out our multiple pricing plans.

Our Partners

CyberAI, through its ScamBLOX products, is building relationships with all levels of law enforcement and other government agencies. 

We welcome the opportunity to network and collaborate with like-minded associations, public and private groups, and advocates who seriously consider the global impact of cyber crimes on our society.

Do you know what a Defense in Depth security approach is?

Defense in Depth (DiD), also known as the Medieval Castle Defense, is a popular security program approach used throughout the centuries.  Using a real time multi-layered, targeted threat vector approach to enhance the browser’s security, is what enables us to reduce the risks to online frauds and scams. Think of our security program as what one uses to defend a medieval castle.


The Medieval Castle Defense approach uses things like a moat to encircle the castle with water. This creates for the need of a drawbridge to be lowered in order to cross over the moat.  Having an iron gate which when lowered successfully blocks the castle side of the drawbridge from entry. Then there are the high walls, windows, parapets and ramparts to have archers launch arrows and other defenses from. Put them all together and you have a valuable multi-layered, targeted threat vector security approach known as the Medieval Castle Defense.  


ScamBLOX© Plus provides multiple features safeguarding one’s valuable data and information from all types of online fraud and phishing emails. This enables a safer and more secure experience when you surf the web.


ScamBLOX© Plus uses DiD by connecting users to 5 of the top global databases tracking hundreds of millions of dangerous websites and other cybercriminals. It strengthens the protection for your personal information through advanced AI phishing email support for Gmail and Outlook webmail accounts. And it supports Chrome, Firefox, and Chromium browser extensions, including the Android mobile platform! 

Security from Dangerous Websites

What makes us unique is how our ScamBLOX Plus connect to 5 of the top global databases tracking hundreds of millions of dangerous criminals and websites. In addition, we use our own algorithms to calculate a trust score per website based on factors such as domain age, domain popularity etc. These combined processes reduce the instances of false positives and improve the real time identifiable hit rate of cybercrimes by 300%. Or greater. The enhancements allow for virtually instant custom alert messaging recommending avoidance interaction with any identified event.

The 5 unique databases do not connect to ScamBLOX Basic. These alerts are generated based on identified domains in our blacklists.

Protection by authenticating

The required authentication and authorization processes enables ScamBLOX© products to provide the proper protection and security functionality based on the version associated with the email used during the initial signup. 

At your convenience, we recommend you review our Privacy and Terms of Use policies.

Additional Support Available

Our Consumer and Business forums provide input and engagement from our user community to discuss trends and solutions concerning frauds and scams. 

These innovative discussions reduce your online risk profile against frauds and scamming activities experienced within your internet browsing for activities such as: 

  • Crypto currency and investment 
  • Social Media 
  • Insurance 
  • E – commerce 
  • Career recruitment 
  • Romance 
  • And much more! 

Enhanced Email Security

The AI engine uses various methods to imitate how a person would look at, understand, and draw a conclusion as to the status on a suspicious website. These methods are: 

  •  Deep learning,
  •  Computer vision and
  •  Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Additional AI algorithms identify phishing sites and perform intelligence analysis in real time without human intervention, and without using any external resources, such as blacklists.   

Socializing Greater Safety

Our unique algorithms provide you with real-time, seamless protection and a frontline defense using AI intelligence against many common types of fraud.