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    Recently a new worm has been going around that attempts to steal your whatsapp personal info.

    “Usually happens when people upgraded their phones and they want to get chats back-up saved to the cloud. WhatsApp will ask for verification through 6 digits codes which WhatsApp sends it your phone number. This 6-digit pin is the need of these hackers to gain access to your private chats.

    To verify your WhatsApp account, Facebook-owned firm will randomly send this 6-digit code to your phone number registered with the account. This verification code will not go to the hackers directly. The hackers will try to deceive you by sending a text to you. They will make an excuse that this code is wrongly sent to your number kindly send it back to them. Now when you believe them and send the code back to them. You become the victim of these hackers.”

    The link you received is legit and the code is legit, however, if you provide the code, the hacker will be able to gain access to your account and will be able to also use the same method to send the text to your groups and friends and gain access to theirs as well. Be aware!

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  • WhatsApp- scam to steal your identity becareful

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  • Ellie

    October 10, 2021 at 5:42 am

    Oooohhh!! Be careful don’t send any code to anyone otherwise your WhatsApp will be hacked 😡

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