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    Here is another sad story about a girl loosing all her savings:


    hey I’m 18 yrs (F) and im just here to tell y’all what I learned this year as well as asking for advice on how to not get scammed in the future.

    first off I’m not from a well off family at all, actually my mom struggles to pay rent every month and recently divorced my stepdad because of money problems.. so I worked full time during high school and saved up at least 10k(all my money). then I started looking into investments and I ended up going into this day trading. the people I met IRL presented and basically sold me on how you can make money everyday from your phone by buying this course, learning trading techniques, and then putting money onto the trading site ( so I did. I ended up putting a lot of money into it but never tried taking it out. I kept “losing” all my money then finally I tried taking out 3k. it wouldn’t let me withdraw and then I got locked out of my account after contacting the site multiple times.

    it was really hard to accept that I lost that much money. I would cry at work and think about how I could’ve just gave it to my mom. or how great my life would’ve been if I didn’t meet those people who introduced me to that. or be more cautious with where I put my money into. I still have a lot to learn, I always get scammed because I’m gullible and tend to see the best in people. I felt so depressed for weeks, but eventually I picked myself back up. I used that as fuel to find out ways to make that money back as soon as possible. side hustling, as well as DoorDash delivering, flipping cars. I’m about to end off the year with 30k..from working full time and then delivering after work during all of summer, and then just full time during community college. the only way I overcame feeling like my world stopped spinning was by making it my goal to make my money back in the shortest amount of time.

    that was my experience (there was much more) but I’m scared it will happen again. I would never forgive myself if it did. I learned to not trust easily, if at all. i really gained trauma from these scammers and it’s sad I had to learn this lesson for such a large price.. I hope this resonates or comforts anyone who is going through something similar.


    That website was automatically detected by our scamBlox Plus extension as a scam.

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