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    Hello people! This is my first day here, so I’m sorry if I wrote something wrong in this post. I know many people use Reddit so I thought the information will be read by some of you.

    I work as a customer support manager in the crypto industry for almost 5 years. Every day we receive emails from the customers who claim something like: “someone reached me in Facebook/Watsapp/Telegram/etc and said I can earn money if I send X to a wallet they gave me”

    So people just trust those people and send all their money to earn more. This is not how it works!

    Scammers can use popular platforms to do this kind of stuff, for example, they send you to Binance (or other legit platforms) and tell you to buy some crypto and send it to the particular wallet. As a result, people lose LOTS of money (thousands!) sending them to some random people thinking this is legit.

    Please stop doing this! Stop sending your funds to random guys on the Internet even if they send you to a popular and legit platform, even if they say this is legit if their profile says that they are gurus in crypto and stuff. It doesn’t matter which platform you use since the funds will go to scammers’ wallets, not yours.

    Also, please stop blaming customer support of the platforms that have nothing to do with your own mistakes. Always read ToU, use only legit platforms, and ALWAYS provide YOUR OWN WALLET ADDRESS, not somebody’s from Facebook!

    do your research for god sake!! 😀

    I hope this will help you to avoid this kind of scam.

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