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    Here is a story from one of the Reddit posts

    I am currently going through this scam and it has sent my anxiety through the roof. I was stupid and weak and horny and i fell for this scam. A girl messaged me on whatsapp and we started talking and one thing led to another and she asked if i was home alone and i said yes, and she wanted to video call with me and i agreed. And then she wanted to see my penis and masturbate with me. Obviously im not thinking with the right head at this point and i do it and after we finished she says she has to go clean up… then a few hours later she messaged me saying she found me on facebook and they will send the video of me masturbating to everyone i know. Whats worse is im married… my wife is pregnant (partially why im so horny… because she hasnt been in the mood for months)…. doesnt excuse what i did. I know it was wrong. And i totally fucked up.

    But they said they would message my wife and so i panicked and sent her some money. She said she needed the money for airfare. I knew it was a scam but i was still afraid of them leaking the video so i paid…

    They recorded their screen of them deleting the video and of course in the back of my mind i thought (they couldve made copies or they can just recover it)

    Well i was right because the next day she messaged me again with another bullshit story and asking for more money. So i blocked her everywhere. I locked down my social media accounts and set everything to private. The only way she can contact me is by email because of course she can keep creating new ones after i block them.

    She sent me a message saying she have messaged one of my wifes relatives on facebook and that the relative replied. I dont know if its true but i refuse to contact them anymore.

    I hope to God they dont send the videos to my friends and family. It would be completely devastating.

    I hope nobody has to go through this. It is the worst feeling…

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