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    Another form of scam profiles that are plaguing the social media and online platforms are drop-shipping fraud. Do you own a Shopify store or any online e-commerce shop? And are you looking to scale and get more sales and be a more competitive store? If you answer yes to any of these questions beware of online profiles like this individual named Trey Ross. What this individual does is pretend that he can scale your business for you and make you get incredible sales by taking his class or being under his mentorship group. He charges a fee and wants you to pay first before enrolling. Note: he does not have any pictures of himself or of his clients. Nothing of the likeness to him as an actual human being. Yeah he wants you to send him money so that he could help you grow your business. Beware and take a mental note of any profile that looks like him. It isn’t something that you should get involved in because they take your money and your business doesn’t grow at all. Scroll through the pictures and you will see screenshotted conversations of one of our clients that wanted to get involved with Trey Ross and gave us a tip. Online stores are very lucrative and Shopify is a good platform that helps real business owners, just don’t get taken advantage of. Happy shopping everyone.


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