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    Another account that is actually relatively new out of the Connecticut area. Low traction to start but still a similar account with dangerous efforts of stealing people’s money. Stay away if you get a dm or are just looking to invest. There’s been a hidden suspicion that a lot of these accounts you see online are actually run by the same individual. Notice how a lot of the accounts are followed by @ofermizrachi? It’s not a coincidence. Their goal is to get you one way or another. So if you avoid one account they come at you with another hoping that you will not do your due diligence. That’s where our job comes in. We do all we can to expose every single effort so that the online community safe and secure. At the same time making sure these scumbags stay away and not make a single dime from anyone. Most of the accounts look a like so you can’t miss it. However they may replicate real traders. So check in with us so that we can point out any scam alerts that you may have missed.

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