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    Now that everyone is indoors due to this corona-virus, you could rest assured scammers are beginning to target people looking to make extra money through online shopping. They prey on people’s boredom, looking for ways to steal from individuals who are on their devices and who are perhaps catching up on their unread emails. This is indeed the perfect time to go through all your junk and inbox emails to make sure you haven’t missed out on anything important and that you reply to people who have yet to hear from you.

    Mystery shopping is indeed a legitimate side job, but they would generally never contact you randomly by email. They would only send you an email once you have already corresponded to them on the phone. Please keep this in mind. Usually agencies offer mystery shopping jobs. And beware of how much they are offering to pay you. DO NOT send them any personal info that is required for the job. Be safe as you go through your email. While you are doing that, please take a look at this example of a mystery shopper email that you may receive. If you have any concern, get in touch with us to vet them for you.

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