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    “I literally just got scammed out of all my little savings which is $5k and I am a full time student/Vet. Today, I got a call around noon from U.S. Customs and Border protection and the guy goes on to introduce himself giving me his badge number, name and more. He goes further into detail rattling off my full address that I never gave him and goes on to say there is investigation going and they found my ID on the scene. Whomever has my ID has been using my name to ship these illegal items (contraband) he claims. We begin to talk more as he caught my attention and said do I know anything about this and begin to name the places like Texas, Mexico and three others of where these illegal items were moved to under my name. I know I did lose a license in Mexico on a past trip so I was hanging on to every word. Then he speaks with the Police in my area on the other end while I’m still on hold the phone. Then the actually number for my local police station in my area appeared on my phone so, I thought okay this may be real because I have definitely lost a couple of ID’s. The “police officer” in my area begins talking to me introducing himself and saying how he just spoke with U.S. Customs guy. Then he goes on a spill of how I can help the case and protect my money by moving my money before they freeze all my accounts. I did move it and it was to BIT ATM machine and come to find out after calling back the police station that officer name was none existent. The U.S. Custom and Border protection guy knew what he was doing as he was the scammer and made me stay on the phone the whole time for the process. He told me that the only reason I am hearing about this case over the phone is because it is under investigation and don’t want to alarm the culprit. I had to move money supposedly because they were about to freeze all of my accounts and wanted to make sure I have money. He then told me the government uses those ATMs because the money is non traceable for the culprit incase he was to try and get into my accounts. Now, Im sitting here looking very stupid and feel gullible and naive. I wish there was a way for me to receive this money back but I think its gone and I am not sure how I will pay for food. I thought I was helping my self and thought it was a real situation and its not.”

  • Customs scam- very compelling one!

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  • Khillat

    October 11, 2021 at 4:36 am

    OMG! 😰😰

  • Zain

    October 11, 2021 at 6:59 am

    This insane!!

    I don’t believe this AT ALL!

    Such garbage!

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