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    “I am one of the dumb ones. Never thought it would happen but I was being opened minded when I connected with a Chinese girl online dating. Convinced me to invest more and more money into the scam and was really good at pushing me to put more. I lost everything I had. All that I saved. 180k I threw into a lame ass fake exchange. And I was played like a trumpet. All long the way, scam was in the back of my mind. But the fake scammer got me good. Voice chats made thing seem real. I’m not a video chatter so they found a the perfect dumbass. I was duped hard and I’ll allowed myself to think it was real even with all the red flags. Everything was smoothed over. Like a dumb I went along, I had put to much in and I wanted my million at the end of the tunnel. They got me good, by talking about my dreams and how I had a plan to get there. And they got me, in 4 month I could have a million and start my business right up with no debt. They took my goal and used it as fuel. With my blinders on I just kept putting more in. They got me when they said they’d put a 100k in, if I put in 100k. They used my ability to live a fantasy to convince me to keep doing it. I didn’t even care about the chick after a couple month of chatting. I just wanted the money. My dreams were right around the corner. I wanted that business so bad and I found a short cut. And the loser that I am, I took it after years of hard work saving. Don’t fuck with people you don’t see. Nothing it legit in the crypto space if you have rules on how you can withdraw. And the classic phone number change. That was a red flag I got talked out. I didn’t realize how lonely I was. Even thought I have plenty of friends. I got personal with the scammers and the constant everyday talking got me. I knew I was loser, but dam I didn’t realize how much of one.

    Listen to every doubt you have “

    Actually very sad! This person pretty much lost 180k and a lot of time. These types of scams are pretty common.

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