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    This company has scammed more than Rs. 500 CR and has frozen more than 300,000 accounts in past 1years time.

    People have been robbed and scammed off their hard earned money. I personally know people who has lost more than 20 lakhs in investment with this organization.

    If you search Google *”bitcoin india org scam”* you will know the entire picture of this very highly organized crime.

    They have been banned and taken out of Google Play Store also.

    Till date they are operating in a very systemic way with the help and support of few political figures.

    Government and Enforcement Departments should take care of this before Mr. SYKAM REDDY also flees India like other reputed scam stars.

    Whenever anyone complains or writes to customer care their Accounts gets frozen or terminated for 6 months. They don’t allow you to either withdraw your money nor give you access to your account.

    This message should be shared in different groups and Government should take fast and necessary actions against this company otherwise more and more people will be entrapped in this mass organized extortion scam.

    If you are already a victim of this organization then check this url to take necessary action.

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