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  • Ryan

    February 22, 2022 at 12:56 am

    Here is a list of the things I have done so far –

    Screen shot a message of the item for sale before he was able to make it vanish (after I paid of course)

    Saving all messages because this fella has become so comfortable he continues to communicate. I was able to get him to say that he ‘shipped the item’ even though we all are aware it won’t show up.

    I reported to the federal fraud website

    I emailed Indiana’s AG (previous state of residence)

    I emailed South Dakota’s AG (current state of residence)

    I have emailed and reported to Facebook

    I reported to youtube that his account is being used to advertise for his fraud scheme (including texts with the link)

    I have pulled a full background check on both Jon Paul Schell and his wife Shirley Anne Remington (Currently Shirley Anne Schell). If anyone want’s a copy of those, feel free to email me at

    Current Address is one of two, the first being the most probable

    5150 Leroy Street, Rapid City, South Dakota, 57703

    3813 School Drive, Rapid City, South Dakota, 57703

    Current phone number is 605-389-4598

    605-595-5783 may be Shirley’s number but I can not verify this one.

    His last known employment was with Berendse and Sons Paint

    He claims he is the owner of Full Throttle Hot Sauce

    Attached are some photos he just sent claiming he bought some real estate property

    Also adding some of our conversation so people can get a feel for how this guy operates

    Here is a link to his youtube

    I am sure I am missing some details but hopefully this helps at least one person. If anything new comes to light with the AG, I will report here.