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  • Anonymous

    February 21, 2022 at 9:44 pm

    I do a basic google search every month or so wondering if he has been arrested yet, nope, apparently he’s still out there scamming people. I was also scammed by Jon Paul Schell, for around $600 – in connection with his wife Shirley Remington Schell on Facebook Marketplace / mostly communicated through Jon Paul Schell. I sent him the money, he kept saying he would ship the items out everyday, he never shipped them out, I had to go through my bank to get my money back and opened several investigations – the bank confirmed and credited my account – the other I never received any confirmations about and unsure on its status (federal report). I have every single screenshot of our conversation, pictures, personal details, with timestamps, and recorded messages.

    It’s unfortunate JPS is still out there scamming people. Make sure to report Jon Paul Schell at if you’ve been scammed. The more reports, the better.

    Jon Paul Schell also operates a Hot Sauce company called “Dirty South Hot Sauce” and lives in/around Rapid City, SD as of 2021 – often posting on websites. He has been scamming people for at least 22 years – – I am confident that is the same person – he told me his age in our conversation history and that matches up perfectly with how old he was in this article.

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