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  • Connor

    October 24, 2021 at 5:55 am

    I have a question for ever one i already no the answer but i want ever one eles answer….ok here I go…..ok i was on a dateing app and this girl matched with me ok and we got to talking and all that and at the end she asked for my phone number and so I give it to her and she messaged me and so we talked on my texting app and she asked “can I see your State iD card” now granted i already had a red flag that popped up in my head saying that there is a good chance that it’s scam and then I got to telling her how about i call u and we can prove to each other that we both r read well i did call her and she wouldn’t pick up at all and then she said her phone was bad that she will call me when she gets a new phone now granted when I called her it said that “this text now subscriber isn’t unavailable” so that also gave me another red flag again and i got to thinking that this number is fake… i want y’all’s opinion on this please and thank you