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  • Khillat

    October 8, 2021 at 5:15 pm

    I’ve faced such situation before. . Do not ignore this it will only get worse.

    First report it immediately to your parents and if the person is studying or working with you, report it to your HOD / Boss. This will create a fear in the person’s mind. Secondly support of parents and guardians will help you get the confidence to confront the situation.

    Second ignore the person completely and forever. BLock him on ur phone contact list and all social apps. Try to be in group while moving out. This will ensure that the person doesn’t get a single moment to harass you.Person may try calling from other numbers, cut the phone immediately oncebyou know it is from dat person.

    Keeping police informed is a good option but discuss with your guardians first.

    Hope this helps.